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See the Best of E.W. Jackson in the Debate.

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E.W. Jackson Wins First Debate.

The initial reviews are in from the media for Saturday’s debate. While each campaign always claims victory in these sorts of events. E.W. wowed the crowd as he always does.

According to the Virginia Right: “Republican Candidate for US Senate Bishop E.W. Jackson won the first of three debates that the Republican Party of Virginia has planned
between now and the Republican Primary on June 12, 2012.Jackson’s enthusiasm and charisma was in full display as this man of humble beginnings has gone from a foster child to candidate for the United States Senate.”

Other outlets agreed.

According to, the “candidate who helped himself the most today (was) E.W. Jackson. He proved to be a forceful speaker and on par with Bob Marshall at tossing out humorous, yet true statements. (He) seemed to be the crowd favorite.”

Mainstream media outlets shared the sentiment expressed here.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch , in their article titled ”Fiery Jackson Makes Impression at GOP U.S. Senate Debate:

“If there was any surprise at today’s Republican U.S. Senate debate in Roanoke, it was the performance of little-known candidate and Chesapeake minister E.W. Jackson.

With his fiery, sermon-like delivery, emphatic gestures and cutting language, Jackson’s performance was nothing if not memorable…”

Washington Times, that E.W. Jackson  “was the most rhetorically impressive of the four and made the case that America needs to return to its constitutional traditions.”

E.W. showed what his supporters already know; that he is the G.O.P candidate to beat Tim Kaine and help defeat Barrack Obama in November. We were not surprised by this performance. The choice is clear, once you know that E.W. is in the race.  The only thing separating us from victory is awareness. And the only way to get people to see E.W. Jackson, so they know he is the best choice is to quickly get media out on the campaign. But that takes money. Help us get the word out today with a generous donation!

Liberal Reporter Attacks E.W. Jackson for being a black minister. Read more here.

Check our schedule for the latest stops on E.W. Jackson’s Fix Washington Now Tour.

Please read this great article from
titled “E.W. Jackson Wants to Tea Party Like Its 2010.”

Debate and After Party Information: We Need You in Roanoke April 28th. 

Information on Va. Beach and Northern Va. Debates is also now available.

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Read more here.

E.W.’s Richmond Times Dispatch Op/Ed. Read
Entire Article here.

An excerpt is below

“I am the only candidate in this race who can both unite and
broaden the conservative base. I am the only veteran. I am a grass-roots
Republican, Tea Party member, pastor and former small business owner. When I
practiced law, most of my clients were small business and property owners. I am
the only candidate in this race whose career is in the private sector rather
than politics.

I am also the only candidate in the race who can reach out with
authenticity to blacks, Hispanics and other minorities. Democrats claim to be
their saviors, but in reality it is minorities who save them and keep them in
power with nothing to show for it. I expose this for the self-serving political
pandering that it is. The Republican nominee must not only be capable of
defeating Tim Kaine, but also of winning over enough voters who helped the
president in the last election to deny him another victory in Virginia. I am
the only candidate who can do both.

Unless conservatives defeat this president and win the Senate, the
21st century will be the century of American decline. It must instead become
the greatest American century in our history — the century when we unleash the
productive, creative and entrepreneurial capacities of the American people like
never before; manufacture better products and deliver better services at
cheaper prices; make our immigration policy one that serves the interests of
America; retrieve the vast resources of oil, coal and gas that lie beneath the
surface of our continent and offshore; reaffirm our position of military
superiority over all who would seek to threaten us; and unite around the great
values and vision of our Founding Fathers. This can be the century when we
restore our pride and patriotism and teach our children anew what it means to
be an American.”

Please click here and donate to the E.W. Jackson campaign
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“I’m Just Saying What We All Are Thinking: E.W. Jackson for US Senate”

From the Mason Conservative. Thanks for the

“It’s a strange thing.

Everyone I talk to says, “I love E.W. Jackson.” He gets
the best reactions and loudest applause after his stump speech. “I would
vote for him, but . . .” and then they sort of trail off. Establishment
and old-line Republicans are loyal to George Allen. New conservatives seem to
be sliding to Jamie Radtke. The hardcore conservative base supports Bob
Marshall. Yet they all seem to like E.W. Jackson and clap louder for him than
they do for their candidates. Maybe because they like what he says but figure
he can’t win? I don’t know.

So I decided to make the leap and do so publicly.

There is something very 2010ish about Bishop Jackson. He hasn’t
held elected office before, but he is personally quite accomplished. A former
marine, a graduate of both Harvard Law and Divinity schools, he’s got a
fascinating background. He’s part lawyer, part man of the cloth, part self-help
guru. He’s been successful in everything he’s ever done. That is important to
me. I’m beginning to grow weary of candidates who’s chief reason for running is
because they’ve been successful running for another office. So many of our
candidates in 2010 that were successful were successful men without having run
for office before – men like Mike Lee and Rand Paul. I like that Jackson hasn’t
been corrupted by the process, never having to compromise a piece of his
identity to climb up one more rung of the political ladder.

It might be easy to say Jackson is just a speech. All he can do is
speechify. But it is what he is saying in his speeches that have won me over.
It’s not simply the generic, talking-point Republican critique of Barack Obama;
it is a deeper critique of the world-view and political philosophy of the
President. While Allen hits the RNC talking points, Radtke hits the tea party
talking points, and Marshall hits his own talking points; it is E.W. Jackson
who speaks about the ills of a dependent society. I’m not just being won over
by a hot stem-winder, I’m being won over by the deeper message of Bishop
Jackson’s speech.

Am I under the impression that George Allen won’t be the US Senate
nominee? Not really. But unlike what seems to be a lot of other people, I’m
willing to follow my conscience and beliefs and understand that if we do
nominate Bishop Jackson, we will be put forth perhaps the strongest possible
candidate because he will uniquely be able to critique the Obama vision of

So yeah, count me in.”

The Racial Regime

April 12: Chesapeake- E.W. Jackson has written the following
statement on the Trayvon Martin case:

“Even those who did not vote for President Obama hoped that
he would help lead the country away from racial division and toward a new era
of unity. Indeed his Presidency is the result of the immeasurable progress
America has made toward Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision. In spite of this,
Mr. Obama has joined hands with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and
Eric Holder who invent or exploit racial issues at every turn. Mr. Obama’s
comments about Trayvon Martin’s death, similar to his reaction to the Professor
Gates incident in Cambridge, are further proof that his views on race reflect
the influence of Jeremiah Wright, not Martin Luther King. Read
More Here.

For Those Just Discovering E.W…

Why I Am Running

My name is E.W. Jackson. I am NOT an African American. I AM AN
AMERICAN! I am not hyphenated, bifurcated or demarcated. It is time to restore the
vision of “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”
I am not ashamed that I am an American of African descent any more that
Americans of Irish, Italian or any other background should be ashamed. BUT WE
ARE AMERICANS FIRST. We may have come on different ships but we are all in the
same boat now.

Unless we embrace this truth, we are doomed for the ash heap of
history. I am running for the U.S. Senate in Virginia because I am determined
to restore the foundations of this nation, and no one else in this race seems
to understand or be capable of articulating and responding to the internal and
external threats we face to our way of life. Read More here.

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